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With our proven software platform, we aim to provide you with a one-stop solution to handle all the manual, mechanical and labor-intensive processes involved in packaging your releases for digital delivery worldwide so you can focus on the more fundamental aspects of developing your catalog, your sound, your artists and your fans...
We provide highly focused and detailed management tools and processes to handle almost every aspect of running your record label - from release creation, packaging and tracking to online distributors provisioning. With our set of tools and dedicated platform, vetted over years of working with independent record labels, your time will be better spent growing your business, nurturing your artists instead of wrestling with mundane tasks such as data gathering and updating, digital uploads, scheduling or vendor mitigating.
We professionally and expertly package each of your digital releases to meet the highest standard and requirements of the top online distributors (from iTunes and Google Play, to Juno and Beatport and more). Every digital item or file is produced to meet the highest required standard in order to guarantee the best end result when comes time to put your product in the hands of your fans. We particularly pay attention to release artwork, liner notes, music video, digital masters, special bundles and much more. We work with your in-house staff to achieve the highest resolution and scaling of your product across multiple digital providers and distributors.
We will register your record label with all the top-tier digital distributors and online stores in existence today (Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3 Digital, Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, to name a few). We work closely with up to 36 selected digital online merchants and distributors to place your products in front of the maximum numbers of viewers, fans and customers, all around the world, as far as Japan and Australia. We also market your product to films and television companies and producers for licensing in their own productions. In addition, through highly targeted cross-promotions, we constantly create new opportunities for your artists to be discovered, listened to, downloaded and purchased.
With a list of homegrown tools crafted over more then 10 years of experience, we provide you with the necessary tools to better leverage your social networks, organically grow your followers and fans and gain new customers. All these tools are available to any registered record label and is available at anytime through the member dashboard on our site, with more tools being added regularly.
We provide you with detailed sales data analysis on an on-going basis, as soon as they are available from the distributors or online stores. No more waiting to collect all the statements from all your vendors and enter them in a comprehensive spreadsheet to see the big picture and understand how your products are doing across the board. Our Sales report tools combine all your data in one place, with powerful analytical filters to you can view, study and understand your sales reports from any angles or groupings that make sense or matter to you. All sales data are encrypted and available only to the users that you select or grant access to.
We have an extensive network of freelancing graphic and visual artists, painters, photographers, designers, videographers, editors and managers that can help you at any part of your product release with any visual work that you may need or have fulfilled. With contracts already negotiated with the majority of these visual gurus, we can provide you with as little or as much of assistance as you need, at fair-market prices, to help you achieve that high quality and polished product that we encourage all our clients to achieve.
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John Doe

Kevin Donaldson

A DJ/Producer/Remixer and founder of two successful record labels, Kevin Donaldson created Lab 152 Media Group in 2010 to market the platform and promotion tools developed over the last 10 years.
With a focus toward independent labels, Lab 152 delivers incredible and fast solutions for all your digital distribution needs.

CIO/Creative Director
Jane Helf

CJ Burken

A web application developer by day and music producer the rest of the time, CJ Burken brings over 25+ years of experience in web interface design and application development. His duties primarily include all IT and infrastruture desicions and implementation as well as IT hiring and purchases.

Marketing and Promotion
Joshua Insanus

Bugie Matsushita

DJ Bugie first established himself on the South Beach music scene with his dark, throbbing, sexually-charged tribal beats and DJ sets.
After years running one of Florida's largest record pools, he is now guiding the Promotion Department at Lab 152 Media with deft and aplomb.

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